SuperBetter is backed by science

It’s validated in randomized controlled and clinical trials to build resilience and improve mental health

The Power of Living Gamefully

At the heart of SuperBetter is the Live Gamefully® method, a framework that brings the psychological strengths and mindset of gameplay to real life.

The method promotes new levels of personal growth as a result of stress and change.
That's why it's called SuperBetter.

Rules of SuperBetter

SuperBetter increases resilience

Proven to increase resilience Proven to increase resilience

Playing SuperBetter for 30 days improves mood and perceived social support, and increases belief in the ability to successfully achieve goals.

Findings from a randomized controlled study evaluating the SuperBetter app.

Randomized Controlled Trial

University of Pennsylvania
Evaluation of SuperBetter, a smartphone-based self-help tool to reduce depressive symptoms.
Published in Games for Health Journal.

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Clinical Trial

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Reducing concussion symptoms among teenage youth: Evaluation of a mobile health app.
Published in Brain Injury.

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Improves mental health

Exciting results in two meta-analysis studies

SuperBetter had the #1 greatest effect for reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety among smartphone apps evaluated in randomized controlled trials according to two meta-analysis studies.

  • Depression App Meta-Analysis

    World Psychiatry
    The efficacy of smartphone‐based mental health interventions for depressive symptoms: a meta‐analysis of randomized controlled trials.

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  • Anxiety App Meta-Analysis

    Journal of Affective Disorders
    Can smartphone mental health interventions reduce symptoms of anxiety? A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

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