Our quest calls for strong allies

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Our current project aims to increase college student success and retention

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~ Nelson Mandela

SuperBetter On Campus

SuperBetter On Campus is a social impact project that will increase success and graduation rates among America’s 20 million college students.

Fewer than 60% of U.S. college students graduate within 6 years. Improving student success and retention is a strategic imperative for America’s 4,300 colleges and universities.

SuperBetter On Campus is a support system for college success that strengthens student resilience, soft skills, social connection, campus engagement and mental wellbeing.

Ally with Us

Where we're headed

New alliances will bring SuperBetter to more people over time

Alliance partners increase their impact and build bigger, more differentiated businesses with custom versions of SuperBetter that address major challenges facing the customers, people and industries they serve.

Resilient Employees and Patients

We can help employers and health care providers improve mental health, build resilience, complement traditional care and reduce costs.

SuperBetter can be tailored to improve outcomes in employee resilience and mental health, digital therapeutics, behavioral health, employee assistance, return to work programs, concussion recovery, veterans and more.

Resilient patients
Resilient youth

Resilient Youth

We can help youth-focused organizations increase resilience; promote social & emotional learning; and reduce student anxiety and depression.

We’re passionate about the opportunity to bring our proven, gameful method to colleges and universities, K-12 schools, foster care and trauma-informed programs to help youth around the world.

Resilient Communities

We can help community-focused organizations improve resilience, social connection and mental health in populations and social groups.

We see future possibility for a new Socially-Driven Model for Resilience and Impact to support population health initiatives, hospital community health programs, city-based resilience programs, and refugees and global relief efforts.

Resilient communities

Think we could forge a strong alliance?

We seek to ally with established, mission-aligned organizations with a big strategic need, a commitment to innovation, market expertise, and scalable access to the industries and populations they serve.

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