About SuperBetter

SuperBetter is a tool created by game designers and backed by science to help build personal resilience: the ability to stay strong, motivated and optimistic even in the face of difficulty challenges. Resilience has a powerful effect on health -- by boosting physical and emotional well-being. Resilience also helps you achieve your life goals -- by strengthening your social support and increasing your stamina, willpower and focus. Every aspect of the game is designed to harness the power of positive emotions and social connection for live, feel, and act better.

SuperBetter was created with guidance from doctors, psychologists, scientists, and medical researchers. (Our advisors and collaborators include MDs and PhDs at Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, and Ohio State University Medical Research Center.)

What SuperBetter is

  • A way to build up your core strengths — physical, mental, emotional and social
  • Totally customizable — figure out what matters most to you, and how to get more of it
  • Designed to help you through a tough time, or with a difficult change
  • About claiming your power — the power you have to impact how you feel everyday, and to decide for yourself how your life will unfold
  • Backed by science — neuroscience, positive psychology, and medicine. You'll learn the science as you play.
  • Social — SuperBetter can give your friends and family an “aha moment” about what you're tackling, and help them find ways to really support you.
  • A collective investigation. Everyone who is playing is helping to figure out new ways to get SuperBetter — for themselves, and for the entire community.
  • A powerful boost when you need it most. You don't have to play SuperBetter forever. You play when you need it.

What SuperBetter is not

  • A quick fix. SuperBetter helps you do the hard work you need to do, to achieve the goals that matter most to you.
  • Someone else's rules to follow, or One-solution-fits-all. SuperBetter encourages you to be a scientist of your own life. See which strategies work for you. Customize and adapt them and experiment!
  • Going to motivate you to do something you don't really want to do. SuperBetter only works if you really want to get better — however you define better.
  • Easy as pie. SuperBetter helps you challenge and test yourself and find out what you're really capable of.
  • Just about “positive thinking.” SuperBetter is real: You'll have bad days. You'll lose some battles. But the more you play, the stronger you'll get — and the better able you'll be to deal with any setbacks, so you can get to your ultimate goal.
  • Set in stone. The more people who play, the more we all learn about what really helps, and how resilience gets built. SuperBetter gets superbetter, constantly, with feedback from players and the positive results they get.
  • An “addicting” online game. We don't measure our success by how much time you spend playing. We measure our success by how much better you feel after playing.
  • Another social media platform you have to check in with every day, forever. Most players feel SuperBetter within a few weeks, and achieve an epic win within 6. If you need to tackle another challenge, you can come back and play again whenever you want.

About SuperBetter Labs

At SuperBetter Labs, we apply technology and design to empower individuals and communities to lead epic lives.

Epic lives are about whole-hearted engagement with both joy and challenge. They are powered by strong social relationships, positive emotion, and a real sense of purpose. When we lead epic lives, we choose every day to do what matters most, even when it's hard for us.

Our design draws on research-backed wisdom from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, and medicine. We collaborate with scientists, medical doctors, and university researchers, as well as thought leaders and philosophers tackling what it means to be human in the twenty-first century.

By bringing together science and wisdom with innovative technology and design, we're exploring how we can flourish best and achieve our full human potential — individually, and collectively.